by Nebraska Bricks

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released 08 March 2015

Iceman Studios



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Track Name: Terrae
I. Terrae

That moment you're enraged
That moment when you see the world enslaved by hatred as the power hungry stage
It's the time to pick your place
It's the time to strike the truth inside and not hide behind the illusion that we're safe

This is a song for the voiceless
Pass me the torch and I'll fight with nothing left to lose

Carry on carry on today
I'm done hiding, still standing, still fighting and nothing stands in my way

Burn, the whole world is ripping at the seams
And my eyes can't justify these means
I won't just turn my back
I'll never walk away

Seize the moment, seize the moment you're enraged
It's the time pick your place
It's the time to be enraged
I for one won't just turn my back and I'll never walk away

In a world ripping at the seams
Let the voiceless speak "you will never bring me down"
We have nothing left to lose
Track Name: Ventus
II. Ventus

Light creeps in through the shadows
I open up my eyes
Grief sits on the window cill as the daylight starts to pry
I'll never shake this sinking feeling
Even death won't let me go
Deep breathes thinking "why my god, what is wrong with me, will you ever make me whole?"

Failing inside
Mirror still questioning these eyes
Facing down, turn around, and face the day
Safety denied
Sunshine invades your peace of mind
Grit your teeth, muscle through, get on your way

Whoah whoah
I'm awake I'm awake inside
Whoah whoah
No fear not afraid to live my life

So hard, I try
Pretend the loneliness subsides
As I'm lost thinking I'll never be the same
I hate this game
What will it take to ease the pain?
Get me out, closing in, please show your face!

My insecurities have got a hold on me
Feeling so incomplete and I've never known real peace
Breathing so patiently, unbury me
Show me a sign of life, please show me the way just make me free

Thinking is poison
When I only want to feel
Unbury me
Track Name: Ignis
III. Ignis

My life
My death
My mind
My breath
My rise
My fall
My struggle to face it all
Struggle with what you cannot see
Deep down know what sets you free
Buried beneath a broken heart
Buried and failing from the start

Just let me breathe
Before you burn me down
Inside out
Taking chances
Living on the run
Chasing down our hearts desires
And not afraid we're on our own

This is now the moment of truth
This is where we prove we're on our own

Failure breathing down your neck
Taking the chance with no regrets
Keep moving on Keep pressing on
Face your fears
Keep pressing on with hearts on fire

Don't count me out
With a losing sound
When I'm losing ground
And I'm upside down
Taking chances
Living on the run
Chasing down our hearts desires
And not afraid we're on our own
Track Name: Aqua
IV. Aqua

Dark clouds keep drowning me
I look up while I stop to think
As the rain falls from the sky
How long before the waters dry?

You see I've never been a doubtful man
Never feared the path to see it through
But this time I'm without a plan
I don't know what I'm supposed to do

Give me anything
Even failure holds a sign
I can't take this uncertainty
And I'm sweating it out alive
Rains rescue me

I'm not moving forward before I take steps back
But I'm so stuck standing still that I can't even react
When did this all happen?
How did it become?
Enough with all these questions
Enough feeling so numb

I feel so numb (I feel so numb)
But I know that I cannot run

Give me anything
Even failure holds a sign
I will face everything
Just don't ever leave my side